When Time takes Wings

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How are you? Hope you are all doing well.

Today I am happy to be sharing with you another whimsical character from the Biskuttina range. How many times have we wished to possess the power to extend certain moments forever?! When we are having fun, enjoying our loved ones, or experiencing something beautiful time just flies!

PennyBlossom - Time Flies When I'm With YouWhile I was sketching the image for this stamp I was listening to the mesmerizing voice of Josh Groban. I think his voice is so well-suited to interpret prince charming characters and main roles in musicals!! It has a particular sound and quality to it which I find amazing. I particularly love his cover version of the song ‘For Always’ which you can listen to here. It was part of the inspiration for this concept I was thinking about.

I think subconsciously I included the butterflies as a reminder of Spring which is something I wish for a lot at the moment….the sun, the beautiful flowers, the enchanting colours, birds chirping….all these elements make this season the best time of the year and by now I am sort of fed up of Winter and looking forward to a bit of change…so Spring I welcome you with open arms!

I hope you like the image. You can find it in my shop here.

Here I coloured it for reference using Prismacolor pencils together with an odorless solvent. Someday I’ll be writing a little bit about Prismacolor pencils which have become a treasured possession in my studio 🙂

I leave you by wishing you many moments where time just flies!!


Christine x x x

11 thoughts on “When Time takes Wings

  1. Ema

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about it and you’ve colored it so beautifully. I’m off to the store because I do believe this is one of those items I just cannot live without!

  2. Maryann

    WOW I actually thought, I had been thrown of your list, as I hadn´t had any update from you for months, and then I suddenly get this, but I can see, there has been a couple thoug, that I never have seen so guess there has been some weird things happening outhere in cyberspace LOL.
    But never mind, now you´re here and I absolutely love this cutie here, she´s so adorable, and you´ve just colored her sooo perfect too and with such gorgeous colors too. A stunning creation as always.

    1. Penny Blossom Post author

      Hi Maryann 🙂 Oh I’m so sorry that happened to you. I really can’t explain it and perhaps alerts from my site might have gone straight to your junk mail… I’m so glad it has been sorted out. Thanks so much for your constant support and for your appreciation. I enjoyed colouring it using Prismacolor pencils as I think they enable you to create quite a nice soft look 🙂 x x

      1. Maryann

        No I always check my spamfolder before I delete them, but sometimes there´s just some weird incidents out there in cyberspace, that noone cvan explain, but like I said, never mind now, as I suddenly got this update again, so it´s just cool, and I totally agree, the pencils are also my preferred medium to color, mostly because I think, they´re the easiest to get a nice result. Don´t know why, but I just can´t get the same with my markers, but probably don´t try enough, as I tend to switch over to the pencils pretty fast, when I´m not satisfied he he. But I must confess, I can´t color anything like you with the pencils either thoug.

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