Penny Blossom - BiskuttinaA big warm welcome! So glad you’ve landed here 🙂 This is the place where I share with you some of my artwork and digital stamps. The idea for Penny Blossom comes from so many different inspirations! Apart from painting I have been into scrapbooking and card-making for a number of years. I am also completely fascinated with illustration and character design so all this has led me to draw characters with card crafting in mind 🙂 My drawing and painting style is definitely inspired by various artists in the domain of manga art, pop surrealism, and art nouveau. And you know which part of drawing I love the most? It’s the part when I have a blank paper in front of me just waiting for my pencil to make its marks 🙂 bliss 🙂

I hope you enjoy your stay! Do write back with your feedback on info@pennyblossom.com as I would love to hear from you. Subscribe to my blog so that you can receive the latest updates about my work and to download freebies 🙂