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Hey people,

Hope you are all doing well!

Mixed Media - Choose to move forwardToday I’ve got something different for you! I’ve got a video showing a mixed media painting in progress where I used the ‘So Sorry’ image from the new range.

As part of my studies I have to reflect on my creative process as an artist and I thought of this small project to help me situate my thoughts and reflections. It is a very interesting experience to stop and reflect on how you work and it has been an enriching opportunity for me. So then I thought to share it with you as well 🙂 I hope that it will inspire you to try out something new 🙂

I hope you like it 🙂 Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or feedback.

Wishing you all a good and positive week 🙂


Christine x x x

8 thoughts on “Mixed media video

  1. franceanne

    Simply amazing…got goosebumps watching the whole process, which is very detailed and the music really helped out! Well done Christine, marvelous work, so proud, you “chose to move on” and experiment more with your creations 😉

  2. tammie

    Amazing this is beyond my abilities. One day I would love to give this a try. Thanks for letting me see your video. This should be in a frame and a magazine. Xo

  3. Carmen M.

    This is incredible… Thank you so much for showing the whole process. It is great to see how others move forward on a design and the steps they put into it. Then again if I could paint like you. Wow. Beautiful

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