Fairy dust. . . or just dust!!

Hello there 🙂

Hope you are well and in good health!

Domestic FairyHave you ever been through a busy patch where at the end of it your house is one big mess?! Don’t you ever feel like closing your eyes and summon a domestic fairy to rush to your side? Fancy that extra hand? 🙂 Oh yeah!!! Big time!!! It is nice to dream a bit. This is how the idea for my new drawing came to mind. A sweet domestic fairy with her duster and bucket to remind us to smile, take a breather and proceed with our housework 🙂 Bit by bit we’ll restore order! The house will be spic-and-span again!! Hope you like the sweet fairy 🙂 You can find this drawing in my shop here.

Summer is almost here though the weather seems to have a different idea!! It is windy again and the colour of the sky is orange grey. . . so tiring to look at! Looking forward to blue skies again!!

Wishing you a lovely weekend . . .it’s almost here people!!

Take care and hugs,

Christine x x x

6 thoughts on “Fairy dust. . . or just dust!!

    1. Penny Blossom Post author

      Thanks a lot for your message Lucine. Ohh you coloured her really beautifully!!! You made her look really pretty 🙂 just loved your page!! Thanks a million for sharing! Christine

  1. DQ Kurle

    oh how sweet, wish i looked as good. i like the thought of fairy dust i think i need to make a sign “this house is protected by fairies, please do not touch the dust. the fairies will be very angry if you do.”

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