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Books and Coffee

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I want to say a big thanks for your amazing feedback! Really appreciated! You’re one very supportive community!!


I’d like to share with you two new characters which you can find in my shop. At the moment coffee and books are a BIG part of my life! And not any light reading! Books are piling up in my study and it is just amazing how one idea takes you to a million other in no time! The same goes for coffee cups!! 🙂 With studying come the many frequent trips to the fridge and this gave me the idea for one of the drawings 🙂

My other work is about coffee on Sunday . . . particularly in the morning! Do you find that coffee on Sunday morning somehow tastes much better? I think this is because it has no connotation with work or with studying and it can be accompanied by some laziness in bed! Ohh that’s such a plus!! 🙂
Coffee Lover

I wish you all a very good week! May it be positive, bright and fun!! I will be having a gallery on my website soon so feel free to upload your work using Penny Blossom images! I’ll be happy to link it back to your own blogs 🙂

Take care and hugs,

Christine x x