A BIG BIG Thank You!

Hey everyone,

I hope you are well!! I want to say a huge huge thanks for your comments and feedback! It was really overwhelming 🙂 You are such a sweet lot 🙂

To show my gratitude towards your support I am giving you another freebie called ‘Hang in There’. Enjoy colouring and using it in your crafts 🙂

Hang in ThereFunnily, I had the idea for this stamp while I was busy line drying my clothes one fine windy day 🙂 I felt the wind was trying to hang me on the washing line and the image sort of popped up in my head!! The theme is more serious though. ‘Hang in There’. Many times we are about to give up on something, being it a small trivial thing or something slightly more serious. All we need is to hang in there for another five minutes…and repeat this if necessary. I tried to design an image which might bring a thought of courage to someone who needs to hang in there for a few minutes longer…but with a cheeky and humorous twist 🙂 🙂

Hope you like it 🙂

Take care and hugs,


8 thoughts on “A BIG BIG Thank You!

  1. Stephanie Allison

    These are just the cutest things. Thank you so much.I plan on sitting down tonight and watching the dog show and coloring. I hope I can do it justice.Your art work is beautiful

    1. penny Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment Stephanie 🙂 so sweet of you 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do a great job in coloring them 🙂 feel free to email pics of your work 🙂

      Enjoy and take care,


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